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Divine Movement Workshop

$25Purchase required to enroll
In this workshop, we’ll embrace the meaning of divine by tapping into our entire being. This entails emotional body, physical body, and the subtle body. Why do we choose to dance, to move? What attracts us to being here in the now? What does it mean to be here in the now? The goal for this workshop is to submerge ourselves with intention and to be free in our bodies. My hope is that it comes from a meaningful place- perhaps a place of the divine- from you, yourself! The source of it all! This is an all level friendly workshop. The approach is aimed less at athleticism or performance, and more towards what you feel when you move. The thoughts and feelings that arise IN THE MOMENT- IN THE MOVEMENT. We’ll incorporate techniques from the practice of meditation, postures from yoga, a small amount of pole, and GROUNDED movement on the floor.

Note: If you have any health concerns with smudging (sage) or essential oils, please let the instructor know upon arrival as these will be used within the workshop.

What to bring: your own yoga mat if you prefer (we have you covered though!), a journal or notebook, an open mind and an open heart.

movement on the floor.

Cancellation policy You may cancel up to 24 hours before workshop for full refund.