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Doubles Acro Balancing: 4 week series

$75Purchase required to enroll
Acro workshop, no pole experience, acro experience, or partner necessary. We will explore the fundamentals of partner balance and acro movement, several tricks will be chosen with a focus on acro moves that could transition into using the pole, but we will not be teaching pole tricks. Ideal clothing would be relatively tight fitting. Nothing baggy that a foot or hand could get tangled up in. Sports bra and leggings would be ideal, t-shirts are fine as long as they are not very loose. For advanced moves it will be necessary to divide up into "bases" and "flyers" but we will try to include many tricks where participants can complete both roles. There will be an emphasis on proper spotting and safely exiting failed attempts."
Cancellation policy Must cancel within 24 hrs of first class to receive refund. No makeups will be allowed.